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No part of the JSB publications may be reproduced in any form without Written Permission from The Centre for Development (CfD) which is the Publisher. It is a condition of publication that Authors assign copyright or licence of the publication rights in their Papers, including Abstracts, to the Publisher. Categorically, Authors submitting Manuscripts do so on the understanding that if it is accepted for publication, Copyright in the Paper exclusively be assigned to the Publisher (CfD). This enables JSB to ensure full Copyright Protection and disseminate the Article and, of course, the Journal, to the widest possible readership in print and electronic formats as appropriate. Authors are themselves responsible for obtaining permission to reproduce Copyrighted Material from other sources. 

In consideration of the assignment of Copyright to the Publisher, PDF of each paper and a copy of the respective Journal Issue will be supplied to the Author. Of course, upon request, Co-Authors may be offered PDF and one copy of JSB Issue (each). Authors are entitled to demand/buy further copies of JSB Issue containing their Article(s) at Special Author Rates. Authors of an Article will be offered Free Access to respective JSB Issue Online.



The Centre for Development (CfD) makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of all the information contained in its publications – the 4-Monthly JSB Issues. Authors assume responsibility for the accuracy of data and facts published in respective Article(s) included in a JSB Issue. However, the CfD makes no representations or warranties whatsoever as to the accuracy, completeness or suitability for any purpose of the Article-Content and disclaim all such representations and warranties whether expressed or implied to the maximum extent permitted by law. Aside from the Contents of all Articles, opinions and views expressed in JSB publications are the responsibilities of the Authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinions, views or the policies of JSB and CfD thereof. 

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