Guidelines for Authors

The Title of the Paper together with the Author’s name, address, affiliation and a contact telephone number should appear on an introductory page, separate from the text (and title again) of the Paper. In case of more than One Author, name, current postal address, telephone and email address of Every Author should be furnished - one Author would be identified as Corresponding Author. Brief resume of (each) Author up to 150 Words (each) must accompany the Manuscript in a separate sheet.

Manuscripts should include an Abstract of no more than 150 Words, and up to Six Key Words which between them should characterize the Paper. All pages of the Manuscript must be numbered at Bottom. Manuscripts - typed (font face) Times New Roman, size 12 on 1.5 spaces - should not exceed 30 Pages or 12,000 Words, including abstract, notes, tables, figures and references. The Author(s) must arrange permission for the reproduction of any material, tables and illustrations within the Manuscript.

House Style: Presentation and Format

The Journal of Social Business (JSB) uses UK English (spelling). Numbers from Zero to Nine should be written out whereas Numerals should be used for all other numbers.

Broad division and section headings should be clearly marked in the text where appropriate. Any quotations should appear in single marks, with quotations that exceed 40 words indented in the text. Notes should be placed at the bottom of each page as Footnotes. Author’s acknowledgement should be given at the end of the paper under a separate Subtitle – Acknowledgement.

Statistical tables should be submitted on separate sheets (not in the text). Each row and column should be clearly labelled with appropriate headings, units of measurement, etc. Vertical lines should not be used in tables, and horizontal lines should be kept to a minimum.

Clear copies of artwork (preferably the originals) for figures in a finished format suitable for reproduction should be supplied. Figures will not normally be redrawn by the Publisher. Any Colour figures must normally be reproduced in Black and White. Figures should be clearly drawn with clearly marked axes. Tables and figures should be numbered by Arabic Numerals. After a positive Review Outcome of the Manuscript, the Author(s) will be required to resubmit tables, figures or graphs/charts separately as picture files (jpg) - each table/figure/graph/diagram must be a greyscale jpg at least 180ppi. The positions of tables, figures, graphs, charts, etc should be clearly marked in the text.

Bibliographical References

Bibliographical References should be carefully checked for accuracy. Every Reference cited in the Article must be listed in the References Section in Alphabetical Order and Style, see examples below as laid.

Armendariz, B and Morduch, J (2010), The Economics of Microfinance, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA: MIT Press.
Perron, Jean-Luc (2013), “Microcredit and Social Business in Tackling Poverty”, Journal of Social Business (JSB), Vol. 3, No. 1 April, pp20-23.
Yunus, Muhammad (2010), Building Social Business – The New Kind of Capitalism that Serves Humanity’s Most Pressing Needs, New York, USA: Public Affairs.

Moral Note for Authors & Contributors

Authors should note that Manuscripts submitted to the Journal of Social Business (JSB) must be their own and original work. Submitted Manuscripts must not have already appeared in another publication and must not be submitted for publication elsewhere while under consideration by the JSB. Also, once finally accepted, Manuscripts must not be published elsewhere in the same form (in any language).

Manuscripts which do not follow the Guidelines for Authors will be sent back to Author(s) for correction prior to being entered into the Review Process. Any kind of plagiarism implying copying from previously published materials and documents will result in rejection of the Manuscript, even at stage of Review Process / Printing. Authors shall fully remain responsible to ascertain that their contributions do not violate intellectual property rights or other proprietary rights of others, including copyright, trademark, patent or trade secrets. It is the responsibility of Author(s) to obtain clearance if they wish to use Copyrighted Materials in the Paper. 

Submission of Manuscripts

Manuscripts must be submitted electronically in MS Word as Non-pdf Version. All Submissions should be emailed to:

Zasheem Ahmed, PhD (Econ)
Chief Editor / Managing Editor
Journal of Social Business (JSB)

The Centre for Development (CfD) Glasgow University Union Complex 32 University Avenue Glasgow G12 8LX, Scotland, UK
Email: /

Review Process

As a Refereed Journal, the JSB places great emphasis on the quality of the Articles it finally publishes in each issue. The submitted Manuscripts are, therefore, thoroughly read and checked by Managing Editor to determine whether these fall within the defined ‘Realm of JSB’. If falls so, then the Articles are put through a full Double-Blind Refereeing Process in which these are sent to usually the two, in some cases three specialists with relevant and appropriate interest and expertise. Since the process is ‘Double Blind’ - the Author(s) will not know the identity of the Reviewers, as well the Reviewers will not know the identity of the Author(s).

Guidelines for Reviewers

Each Reviewer is expected to complete examining Each Manuscript within 5-7 Weeks. Upon review, each Reviewer would, of course, recommend whether -

  1. accept the manuscript with no revisions;
  2. accept subject to minor revisions - indicating areas for revisions; 
  3. accept subject to major revisions - indicating areas of significant improvement, or
  4. reject - indicating reasons.

In all cases, the Reviewers usually furnish comment(s) on such issues as command of literature, methodology and originality of work, materials, etc. After all Reviews have been received, the Editor-in-Chief will define appropriate step. Usually Reviewers’ comments are then returned, anonymous to the Author(s) who have then a choice as to whether they can rewrite and resubmit the Manuscript within a time frame 6-7 Weeks. If chooses so, after Re-Submission, the Manuscript again goes to the same Reviewers for Re-assessment, and hopefully, in fulfilment, the Revised Manuscript secures recommendation for publication.

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