Launched on 04 July 2010, the Journal of Social Business (JSB) is an Interdisciplinary Refereed Journal. Inaugural Issue published in January 2011, the Journal aims at pursuing ‘Social Innovation and Sustainable Social Business Creation Toward the Enhancement of Human Welfare’.    

Since the Launch, the Journal JSB had consistent quarterly appearances during the past Decade (2011-2021) - full of creative real-life experiences and impressive theoretical and empirically informed papers addressing critical issues concerning human welfare. As such, its sponsor - the Centre for Development (CfD) offers warmest cordial thanks to all Contributors of Scholarly Papers & Think Pieces, Readers and Subscribers for their continued support and interest in this Journal.

Launching Background

Remarkably, the Global Assembly 2010 - Conference of Academics and Real-life Practitioners - held on 4th July, was jointly organized by the Centre for Development (CfD) and University of Glasgow to mark the beginning of Net Generation Decade 2010s in ‘Tackling Poverty and Inequality Toward A Fairer and Safer World’. Indeed, this brings into focus of the Great Economics Master Adam Smith’s genuine concerns as articulated in The Wealth of Nations in 1776: “What improves the circumstances of the greater part can never be regarded as an inconveniency to the whole. No society can surely be flourishing and happy, of which by far the greater part of the numbers are poor and miserable.”     

Even after 245 years of Smith’s seminal articulation, poverty and hunger remains the greatest cause of miseries across the world. Global poverty has indeed a huge cost, because the potential contribution of the extreme poor is undermined and severely reduced. One tertiary estimate of the total loss associated with extreme poverty nears US$100 trillion, given two billion world population living on next to nothing have the average human potential to contribute US$50,000 to the world economy in first year alone. Precisely, poverty is still a grave insult to human dignity. As Visionary Decent Human Nelson Mandela epitomized, ‘Like slavery and apartheid, poverty is not natural - it is man-made, and can be overcome and eradicated by the actions of humanbeings.’ Poverty alleviation crucially demands a global priority - sustainable economic growth being surest remedy whilst Anti-Poverty Champion Muhammad Yunus typifies harnessing the powers of the free market to solve the problems of poverty a la ‘social business’.    

The 2006 Nobel Peace Prize Winner Muhammad Yunus in his interactive Keynote Speech on ‘Tackling Poverty and Inequality Toward A Fairer and Safer World’ mentioned that in creating a foothold for people at the bottom, undertaking social cause-driven entrepreneurial ventures are better approaches than welfare dependence and/or charity. He emphasized that the ‘Grameen Way’ – ‘microcredit’ and ‘social business’ - proves a viable solution to lift millions out of poverty. As such, the ‘ground-up development’ is an effective approach to meaningfully promote and assist the most disadvantaged live with dignity.   

The 2010 Global Assembly Convenor Real-World Economist Zasheem Ahmed summed up the Conference as producing a remarkable premise for emerging ‘Social Business’ idea as a paradigm switch while dealing with such diverse issues as the reduction of relative disadvantages, inequality, poverty and environmental degradation, and the provision of affordable healthcare, education for a living, housing, energy solutions, fairer banking and credit, community empowerment, youth entrepreneurial opportunities, access to technology, etc.  

Excitingly, in response to overwhelming aspirations and interests expressed by the Global Assembly participants, the Centre for Development (CfD), amid the presence of Glasgow University Principal Prof Anton Muscatelli, Nobel Man Prof Muhammad Yunus and handful of high profile dignitaries, made landmark announcement of launching the interdisciplinary Journal of Social Business (JSB) on 04 July, followed by JSB Inaugural Issue published in January 2011. After consistent quarterly JSB appearances during 2011-2021 - full of creative real-life experiences and impressive theoretical and empirically informed papers addressing critical issues concerning human welfare, the Centre for Development (CfD) would publish two Special Issues in Year 2021 to proudly mark A Decade of JSB Publication, even despite Covid-19 pandemic still ongoing.    

Home Location 

The Centre for Development (CfD) is indeed a Non-Government initiative to promote multidimensional development nexus between Scotland and the World Nations in close association with Universities in Scotland since February 2006. Remarkably, connecting the University of Glasgow and Glasgow Caledonian University with Microcredit Pioneer Prof Muhammad Yunus and the Grameen Organizations in December 2008, followed by the launching of Journal of Social Business (JSB) on 04 July 2010 was the CfD’s significant endeavour in this direction.   

The Journal is now in its 11th Year in 2021. Three 4-Monthly - April, August & December – JSB Issues will continue to be published in both Printed and Electronic Format from its Home Base below as localized.  

Journal of Social Business (JSB)  

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